It has always been said that Xiaomi has never stopped copying from Apple, especially when it comes to designing a new device or something innovative. I am a true Xiaomi fan, and I know very well that this is not always the case. The Chinese company was the one who put fashionable mobile phones without bevels when presenting the original Mi MIX. Now, this smartphone concept without frames has spread throughout the world. A year after the “boom”, Apple introduced its iPhone X; This may be interesting to some extent, but apparently has a clear inspiration line MIX of Xiaomi.

Starting from this premise, we remind you that a few days ago there were leak photos of a supposed version of the popular Xiaomi smartphone called Mi MIX 2S. In these, it was seen that the smartphone presented the exclusive notch of the iPhone X. Someone has been reluctant to this news and decided to increase the exposure of the photo trying to prove the veracity. I wanted to see what was seen in this black strip, where there seemed to be a camera, an earpiece and the ambient light sensor.

Xiaomi before presenting the real Mi MIX 2 said they worked hard on the positioning of the front camera. In the end, it was forced to place it in the lower bezel just as it did for the Mi MIX. Also, it is quite unlikely that the company presents a variant with a launch period between one and another so short.

It was confirmed that the pictures of the supposed Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S are FALSE

Our duty is both to communicate the rumours and leaks, and to publish the official news about it. Before, we informed you about these photos as they appeared in the headlines of hundreds of websites, however, today we reveal that all this is FALSE. The device shown in the photos was not manipulated in any way; It is a true and authentic Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.

The supposed images conveniently hide the lower frame where the camera module is located in Mi MIX 2. But what is the explanation for the notch at the top of the screen? As we all know, the MIUI interface allows us to customise our home screen with themes. Among these, there are hundreds of stores that emulate the appearance of an iPhone, including the recent iPhone X. In conclusion, what we see is just a personalisation, capable of emulating up to the notch of the Apple mobile screen.


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