Old Nokia Phone
Old Nokia Phone

Though many talk about stagnation in the world of smartphones, the truth is that if we compare a device from 2010 with a device from 2020, they will be completely different! This is because of improvements in processors, bigger screens, better image resolution, and even cameras that put many cameras in a corner… We just have to say that everything is fine when it is well manufactured.

However, there are still some unanswered questions, namely regarding batteries. After all, if you notice, all new Smartphones have non-removable batteries. But… why is it?

Why do the new Smartphones all have non-removable batteries?

So, do you still remember when you had your old phone? The one that, when it fell, was able to crack the floor instead of the screen?

Well, I bet that the only times I touched the battery was just to force the phone to hang up forcibly… right? In addition, I bet you also changed the phone battery because it burst or swelled. What, of course, was something that ended up offering another year or two of use to your smartphone.

All of these questions are primarily used to try to guess what happened to you in the past with your old phones. Because to tell you the truth, it was exactly the same thing that happened to me too. However, it is important to note that things have changed and that we are in another era, in which the manufacture of a Smartphone with a removable battery has become unthinkable, due to several reasons, especially the high costs and its complexity.

After all, what the new generation wants is for Smartphones to be thinner and consequently more comfortable to carry, whether in the pocket or in hand. And for that to happen, the smartphone itself must have an internal battery capable of satisfying the sizes required by the market. It is mandatory to lose the protective plastic that existed in the old removable cells. (In case you don’t know, the batteries are super fragile! Samsung’s Note 7 is a perfect example of this).

Not to mention the certifications against water and dust, which require the isolation of the internal components inside the glass and aluminum body so famous these days.

However, if you happen to be a fan of conspiracy theories, we can also say that manufacturers can only gain from the disappearance of these removable batteries.

At the end of the cable, as I said above, changing the battery can give 1 or 2 more life to any device at a super low cost… Something that does not meet the goal of the major manufacturers, who would like to sell a new smartphone every year, or at least every two years.

In short, the fact that there are not so many Smartphones with a removable battery has a lot to do with the design intended by people in general. However, other reasons are a little more ‘obscure.’

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