samsung galaxy note 9 NDTV COM
samsung galaxy note 9 NDTV COM

Sales of Samsung Galaxy S9 may have slowed down recently, but that’s not enough to negatively affect the performance sales of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 which is scheduled to launch on August 9th in New York.

Now there’s an opportunity for you to try Galaxy Note 9 as soon as it launches. All you have to do is pre-order it now. Samsung thinks this is the least it could do for its die-hard fans.

How does it really look like? What’s special about it? What else does Samsung have up in its innovation? These are some of the questions that Samsung fans may be asking right now.

Of course, as the rumor mill has it, Galaxy Note 9 will come with Snapdragon 845 processor; six or eight GB RAM and the storage capacity will reach up to 512 GB. For pricing, it appears to go for around $1,000 which is believed to be a reasonable price for a device of that echelon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Credit: Forbes

Just yesterday, August 1st, 2018 Samsung announced that if anyone is interested in reserving the phone, he or she could just head over to Samsung’s website and reserve it. You may find a teaser of Galaxy S Pen in golden color, while the registration form is positioned to the right. Clicking on ‘Reserve’ gets you started.

Why Pre-order Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung over the years has been known for putting out launch promotions that are monstrous. There was a time that you could get a free Jay-Z album just because you bought the latest Samsung Galaxy phone. Of course, there are leaks and sorts, but does that reduce the clout of Samsung? Definitely not!

The management knows this. They know that they have decade-long believers – fans who would do anything to tell their friends and families that they got the phone first, even if there will be some cons in the device that may somehow later reduce interest in it.

Definitely, Samsung is taking the opportunity afforded the brand by teasers for big-name movie trailers over the years, knowing for sure that this is one aspect that makes Galaxy phones great. No matter how glamorous the leaks have been; fans will still believe that there’s something special about the device that they haven’t experienced yet.


Probably, the processor in Galaxy Note 9 may be either Qualcomm Snapdragon or a Samsung Exynos model SoC, or something very close to that. Will it be the coolest Galaxy phone?

We don’t know yet but speaking in terms of literal coolness; it is rumored that right under the backside of the cover of Galaxy Note 9, almost half of the right side will be covered with copper tubes. It is said that the copper tubes are invented in order to reduce the heat in the device.

The best thing right now is that Samsung is getting some ideas for reducing heat in Smartphones. That’s a good and timely initiative in these times, even if the phone’s processor isn’t more powerful than other high-performance Smartphones in the market. Heat reduction is certainly a way to give the device an edge among its peers.

Will the device stay the same size from its predecessors? Will it come with increased amounts of components? We will wait to find out the truth about these. However, one thing any Samsung fan can be sure of is that Galaxy Note 9 will arrive with more tightly packed conglomeration of hardware and software.

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