Gaming phones should be able to showcase a very colorful display which means that the screen pixel resolution must be very high. In addition to that, the performance must be very powerful so that the phone runs very fast. Apart from that, there must be enough space in the mobile device to store all kinds of fancies that game lovers love to hoard. Black Shark mobile could be all that.

Reviews have confirmed that the Black Shark is indeed a gaming smartphone and it runs like any other good gaming phone. There are elaborate games coming on board these days and they are not like Candy Crush Saga. No should think that PUBG Mobile or Arena of Valor is anything like Candy Crush.

Mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly looking for ways to design smartphones that can handle all these heavy games and keep game mongers happy even when they play heavy games on the mobile devices. This is important, for some of the most popular mobile games have player bases that goes beyond those of bigger reputation games found in consoles.

In Europe, the Black Shark which recently started shipping starts with a price of 409 British Pounds and that is just one case of several resurgence of devices aimed specifically at the mobile gamers demographics worldwide.

So what makes this Black Shark a gaming smartphone?

The first is the look. From a distance you can see that this is indeed a smartphone when you look at the elaborate mix of plastics, curves, and contours. These are well placed to give the astute buyer all the reasons he or she should make the device the next gaming phone.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S VS Xiaomi Black Shark
Xiaomi Black Shark

Next is the gamepad which is regarded as one of the most powerful selling point of the Black Shark. Yes, you can even get a thumbstick on the left for movement and a touch screen for precision timing.

Another strong point is the software. Black Shark runs on Android 8.0 Oreo with customizations you would love, like the Shark Space mode. You also have the standard back and recent shortcuts either side of the fingerprint reader. These features are not seen and they can’t be disabled.

There are also other aspects we may be missing but one thing is sure, what the Black Shark is accomplishing is laudable in the age where mobile gaming is growing bigger every day.


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