The new BT Video Baby Monitor 600 is receiving attention right now, seeing all the good things it can do. BT is now wading into the baby monitor market hoping to win like it did when it created wireless devices with good range some time ago.

This new device makes use of sound sensors, auto night vision, a push-to-talk system, and a big display to get things done. It also has the ability to link to Wi-Fi, or to be used with an app. Yet, reviewers have congratulated the simplicity and reliability of this device.

The device comes with a 5 inches screen. It has colored panel displaying at night once the camera detects low light.

On the front of the baby monitor are physical buttons for quick volume control, brightness, and push-to-talk feature. At the rear is a pop out stand that let’s the user prop the unit upright. There are also lights down the side of the screen. These will indicate if sound is detected, changing from green to red as the noise goes louder.

The unit is compact enough to be carried around in a bag or to take on holidays without any worry. It is safe in the hand of your child or baby even the child’s hands are dirty or if he or she throws it on the floor.

Steam design is changing! What will be renewed?

It is chargeable with a smartphone charger or it could be charged inside the car.

The camera of the baby monitor device is also made of plastic but it is solid and has just one slider to power it on and off. For you to know that the baby monitor is on, a faint light will show up. That should not be of any concern to you or to your baby.

When you make use of the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000, you can speak into the monitor and have the voice come on at the camera end where the baby will hear your voice.

Also, the temperature gauge which is displayed on the monitor works well when compared to the job of a dedicated thermometer.

Another good feature is five lullabies that can be played to the baby. However, the baby will decide whether to like them or not. Some of the sounds can be so flat that one may not think of using them for relaxing.


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