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A dictionary provides a definition of words for an easy understanding of what you’re reading or learning. It is great to have an Android phone, and having a dictionary app in it is not bad either. A dictionary app will provide you the meaning of words and other useful features that makes learning new words easy. Most dictionary app feature word of the day so you can widen your vocabulary. Here are five best dictionary apps for Android.

Best Dictionary Apps for Android

1. Dictionary.com

The Dictionary.com app is a good dictionary app that gives you the ability to look up words and learn about them to improve your vocabulary. The interface is easy to use, and there is an audio word search that allows you to search for words that you cannot spell by simply saying it. The feature is even available offline. You can have a collection of new words in the app that you just found new. There’s a word of the day and articles that intimate you about words. There are more advanced dictionary features such as Encyclopedia and Medical & Science dictionary.


2. Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

This is another dictionary for Android that is way above average. Included in the dictionary are 1.4 million words backed up by great features. There are also synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms,  and other kinds of nym. You can also use the dictionary without an internet connection. That app also has a tool that gives you the definition of words when they are copied to the clipboard from another app. It doesn’t cost too much and is decent.

3. Vocabulary.com

The Vocabulary.com dictionary app is not just an ordinary dictionary app as it provides easy-to-understand definitions for English learners. On the site, it is written “as if your favorite teacher were explaining it to you.”  There are explanations regarding each word where you’re taught of what the word means and also when (and how) you would use it. If you want to have a strong vocabulary sense, the app makes it possible because it is a vocabulary-building app. It also supplies you with a game where you’re asked questions that come from how you and other users answered past questions.


4. WordReference Dictionary

If you are a language student, then this dictionary is for you. As a foreign language learner, WordReference provides you with 18 huge languages. The app conveniently does the translation, and it gives you definitions in the language you specified. It also gives you the ability to navigate those tricky conjugations. There are many non-English language combinations, so it’s a dictionary that may suit your needs.


5. Merriam Webster Dictionary

It is very popular and feature-rich too. The app gives you the ability to build up your vocabulary. Many features in it make learning new words easy and fun. It has a word game in it and word of the day feature too. Also loaded in the dictionary are integrated thesaurus, audio pronunciation, and example sentences, Vocabulary-building Quizzes, Audio Pronunciations, Favorite Words, and Search History.

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