WiFi Direct: why is it a thousand times better than Bluetooth and how is it used?

WiFi Direct is a years old technology. Already available with the distant release of the Samsung Galaxy S5, it has nowadays always respected the same operating principle, that is, with simplicity, safety, speed, and versatility. So why didn’t it hold as it was for Bluetooth? Does it have limits? And above all: how does it work and why do you prefer it? All questions we will answer in this new guide.

WiFi Direct: simplicity

Everyone knows about wireless connection, otherwise known as WiFi. We hear about it these days. Days in which the number of subscriptions for Free hotspots grows. But would anyone know what the Direct connectivity version is? Few will know how to answer. Basically it is a system that – as for Bluetooth – implements a direct connection between devices without the need for a router. Hence the specific Direct wording. It does all this and does it better than Bluetooth, which brings us to the security and speed section.

WiFi Direct: security and speed

Having a car that shoots at 300 km / h is exciting but it’s no good if it skids at every turn. As a modern hyper-carWiFi Direct is fast and secure. Much more secure than Bluetooth which represents a Secure-Free standard without encryption and security protocol. It does not lack an adequate protection system for the secure transmission of data between the devices involved. Everything is very fast, linear, protected.

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WiFi Direct: versatility

Moreover, it is an undeniably versatile on-the-fly communication platform . Works with a multitude of devices, such as TVs, PCs and projectors compatible with Miracast and DLNA . It allows you to transmit GIGA of data with ease, also guaranteeing a very smooth and smooth streaming.

WiFi Direct: why shouldn’t we use it?

Zero lag, maximum security and ease of use. So why shouldn’t we prefer it to Bluetooth. Simply because it is less practical due to the lack of a native support application. The options in the Play Store of Google are certainly not lacking. An example is Send Anywhere (File Transfer) which, with a score of 4.7 stars, remains the best option for the Android store. The problem (if we can call it that) is therefore very easily solved.

However, there are those who confirm stability and compatibility problems with some devices coming from different brands. This would represent the real discriminator that rewards Bluetooth over WiFi Direct technology.

Do you use this platform or do you encounter difficulties in getting very different devices into communication? Space for comments and all your suggestions.

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