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Wildscapes Hack

Wildscapes is a casual Android game where you can build a beautiful Zoo with dozens of adorable animals. It starts from a fantastic story and explains through visuals about the past Zoo that used to exist. In real Zoo, we see that animals have their own home, they play with each other; they get well food & care. That is precisely what you have to achieve in this game by playing the Match-3 puzzles to restore the zoo. Every step of the ladder will restore some part of the zoo, and with consistent action, you will be able to restore the Zoo fully.

I’m going to be real with you, Wildscapes is tough to play, especially if you are not an avid gamer. If you are not a hardcore gamer and just play for fun then it is going to be tough for you to restore the zoo in a few days. The game contains different challenges that you will face at different levels. As you will be leveling up, the difficulty will increase, and on some levels, you will get frustrated because it will look like there is no way to complete this.

Well, the game can become much easier if you use the cheats and Hacked APK version. Using tricks & the hacked version, you can easily complete any level, and you also don’t have to care about the coins & diamonds. Because in the hacked version, you will get unlimited coins, diamonds, Powers, etc. In this article, we will provide you the Wildscpaes MOD/Hacked version and also the Tips & guides. Is this enough to excite you to read the full article? Let’s get started.

Wildscapes Game Overview

First, let me give you a full overview of this game, and then we will talk about the cheats & hacks. So, In Wildscapes, for a long time, the zoo has always been a favorite place for families. The zoo always has a lot of visitors, whether it’s midweek or weekend. There are many cute animals in your zoo. However, you are going through a bad time. The zoo staff Zack is in trouble because his zoo condition is getting worse day by day due to food crisis animals leaving the zoo, and the green leaves are falling down everywhere.

Zack has no idea why things are changing suddenly and the things that he needs is patience, skills of solving Puzzle, and an adorable panda to restore the zoo. So, that is how basically the game starts. As a zoo staff zack, you have to solve puzzles to restore your beautiful zoo and it is going to be challenging. You will need to play & solve the Match-3 puzzle game – much similar to the two games Gardenscapes and Homescapes. The rebuilding process requires to solve different levels that the Wildscapes has and every puzzle you solve will help you restore a small part of the zoo.

Some levels will return your Tigers and some will return your Zoo foods & other equipment. To solve match-3 puzzles, you will basically need to match the same three items (or more to get huge points). The match-3 puzzle is no different than the Candy Crush Saga and other similar games. There will be some target and you just have to achieve that by solving problems. To make the Puzzle game more exciting, it has powers that you can use to solve the puzzle quickly. But the powers are limited to use. You will need to earn powers by solving Puzzles and then you can use it.

Overall, Wildscapes is a thrilling casual game that won’t make you upset after wasting your data on it. The thrill will probably increase once you cross the level 10. After crossing every 10 levels, you will see some new content & challenges. And solving them will ultimately help you to restore your zoo back in its beautiful state.

Wildscapes Hack (MOD APK Download)

Wildscapes Hack

Now, after reading the overview of Wildscapes, it may feel to you that the game is hard to play and it is going to take hours to complete. Well, that is true if you don’t use the Hack. Wildscapes hack can make the game more easy for anybody. Using the hack, you can have unlimited coins, diamonds, and powers. And you will be able to use these in the hacked version without any issue. Free unlimited diamonds can be used to unlock in-app purchase items like Booster, hammer, and other superpowers. Even you can unlock equipment for your Zoo using unlimited coins & diamonds.

To use the hack, you need to download the Wilscapes MOD APK, which we will provide you here. Below, we have shared the details of the Wildscapes hack. Read it carefully before you start downloading it.

Wildscapes Hack Details

  • Name: Wildscapes Hack
  • Size: 104Mb
  • Version:
  • Genre: Casual, Offline
  • Publisher: Playrix Games
  • Android requires: 4.2 or up
  • MOD feature: Unlimited Money

Once you are done reading the above details, you can follow the below link to start downloading Wildscapes Hack.

Wildscapes MOD APK (104Mb)

How to Install Wildscapes Hack Properly on any Android

The security on the Android operating system has evolved in past years and now it is difficult to install such modified/hacked APK. The main security feature that scans for malware in Apps or games is Play Protect. Google has implemented it and has provided authority to block apps that are modified or hacked. Well, we will show you how to deal with that and install Wildscapes securely on the phone.

  1. Firstly, make sure the built-in security feature of the Play Store is turned off. You can navigate to Play Store>Menu>Play Protect>Settings to check. Also, if you are using any security application, then make sure you uninstall or deactivate it.
  2. To allow manual APK installation on your phone, you also have to enable Unknown Resources from Android settings>Security>Unknown Resources.
  3. Now, go the download folder and click on the recent downloaded Wilscapes Hack.
  4. Press the Install button to start the installation process. (If you haven’t deactivated the Play Protect, it would immediately block the installation once found the threat in the APK source code)
  5. Once the installation complete, press on the Done button and close the installer.

Now you have successfully installed the Wilscapes Hack on your Android phone safely. This means, now you can use the Wildscapes hack trouble-free. Now, let me guide you and provide you some tips that will definitely help you use it more efficiently.

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Wildscapes Hack Tips & Guides

Wildscapes hack is easy to use and it contains everything you need to rock in the game. Still, if you are a noob and haven’t used any hack before, then, our tips & guides may help you get started with it. Here, we will show you how you can use the Wildscapes Hack more efficiently so you can get the most out of it.

1. Use Unlimited Diamonds & Coins to Purchase Powers

Wildscapes hack has unlimited diamonds & coins that you can use to purchase paid items such as powers. While solving puzzles, you will have powers that you can use to solve the match-3 puzzle easily. Powers such as Hammer, hand, and Mega box can be purchased using diamonds. And these are the major powers that you can use to match-3 or more items to solve puzzles. The advantage of using these powers is fantastic, you will be able to solve the puzzle even there is no possibility to match-3 or more items. Hand power can help you exchange the place of different items in the game. Hammer power can help you remove the barrier item to match-3 or more items.

To purchase Powers using unlimited diamonds:

  1. Go to the Store tab.
  2. Click on powers.
  3. And Click on + icon to purchase multiple powers.
  4. Finally, click on the purchase button.

The diamonds will get deducted from your balance and soon it will get restored once you play any match.

2. Focus on Achieving Targets not Rewards

Wildscapes Hack Tips

The hack will automatically restore the diamonds and coins you will use in the game. And so, we suggest you only focus on completing targets rather than rewards. As long as you focus on the targets, you will be completing the levels faster and you will be able to restore your zoo quickly. Suppose you have got a target in which you need to crush 10 blue boxes to unlock the elephant. In this case, you should only focus on the Blue box and crush all the blue boxes appearing in the puzzle. It will become much easier if you use the Powers, i.e. Hammer, Hand, etc. Powers will help you finish this kind of level in very little time.

3. Use Unlimited Powers to Match 5 Items

By matching 5 items, you will get a bag of chips that you can serve to your animals as food. This is how you can make the most significant achievement in the game. As you have the hack Wildscapes, you should use it to achieve the most in the game. You can use the hand power in the game to switch items place and match 5 items. This way, you will not only earn rewards, but you will also be able to complete the puzzle fast.

So, that was the guide & tips for using Wildscapes Hack. The Hack benefit is fantastic and it can make the game super easy for you to play.

Hopefully, you liked this article on Wildscapes Hack? If so, we would like to know your thoughts about this game in the comments below.

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