We have already written about hoverboards and flying cars a couple of times. This time, the police forces will be getting a flying motorbike just like those seen in science fiction movies.

They were developed by the Russian company Hoversfur, offering impressive specifications. The Scorpion 3 is capable of flying at the height of 5 meters (up to a maximum of 10), with a speed of up to 70 kilometres per hour. Also, the scorpion is carrying a load up to a weight of 300 kilograms.

The advantage of flying motorbikes is, of course, the fact that there will be no problem in a busy city with crowds. The authorities themselves, however, did not comment on the matter, and so it is questionable where they find these motorbike locations.

However, the new project has several disadvantages. The biggest one is probably the stamina. Scorpion 3 can swim in the air for only 25 minutes, which is also due to the use of exclusively electric batteries. The problem could be four rotors that could seriously injure or even kill passers-by in the city.

Control will also be a question. Hoversurf is talking about software used in aviation, but control will not be the easiest. Scorpion 3 will pose a threat not only to criminals, but also to the city’s inhabitants and, ultimately, to the driver.


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