If you haven’t heard about UMi Super, this is a new phone UMi trying very hard to make it lives up to Super. Previously it’s rumored will be a dual-camera phone with Bezel-less Super AMOLED screen. Sounds superb right.

UMi Super pic 556

This is not yet. Today our insider sent us another super leak.

Rumor UMi is promoting USB Type-C for their Super’s audio standard and a ultra fast charging technology. Furthermore this Super phone might come with 6GB RAM pricing around 300$.

What CPU does this UMi Super use that can support 6GB RAM? I guess we all know the answer – the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. Speaking of Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, UMi released their first snapdragon phone back in late summer of 2015, UMi eMAX mini, which you can find it on Amazon for $150 . It was the creature between TCL and UMi. Seems like their marriage hasn’t end yet. Are they working close together again on their Super child?

What will be next?

Poll: Will you pay 300$ for a 6GB RAM phone?

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