Will Wildfire X Signal the Death of HTC?

    This news Wildfire X device is making heads roll. It is not exactly a phone from HTC but the device mirrors the shape and characteristics of former HTC phones, especially the Desire edition released earlier this year. Meanwhile, we have solid information that the new HTC (Wildfire X) was manufactured by a company known as InOne smart Technology. It appears that the company decided to leverage the powerful name of HTC and use it to sell this phone. So, instead of releasing a phone in that company name (which only a handful of people know) InOne decided to make the smartphone total HTC affair. In the news it is said that InOne licensed that phone name HTC Wildfire from HTC itself.

    Why is this necessary? Reports also claim that InOne at the present time has an allegiance with Lava brand.  Why not make use of Lava for the latest smartphone? InOne has been known for years to release budget-friendly smartphones for fans. The company has done a lot to attract fans from India but the presence of the company cannot be really said to be felt around the world.

    Even when you also consider the Lava brand itself, you’ll also see that it is not a big smartphone seller like Xiaomi for instance. Xiaomi and Huawei have dominated the smartphone world for a few years since they began manufacturing smartphones and selling them worldwide. Probably, then, InOne is using the HTC leverage to gain ground.

    An online report asserts that licensing the HTC brand, InOne is hoping to make the Wildfire X more visible, which could also lead to more sales than if the phone carried the Lava name. or possibly, there is a fallout between the two companies. The level to which HTC has a hand in this smartphone is not known. But people say that HTC must be able to get some bucks rolling down its pocket every time a Wildfire X phone is sold.

    Talking about price, there’s actually something fishy here as there are some claims that the HTC Wildfire X is competitively priced. How will it do with the stiff competition that phone manufacturers find themselves these days? How will this phone win when there are other phones that sell for the same price but they sometimes have better features? Unless the phone is very beautiful, sleek, and has at least one unbeatable feature, there are harsh days ahead.

    Next is the assumption that this release spells doom for HTC. The company has gone from a star to a former star. For instance, in 2019 by August, the company has only been able to put forward four mobile devices! Many of us remember this brand in the days of Microsoft Windows phones. Those were the heydays of HTC. So, when you compare four phones with the eight it released in 2018, or with the 10 it released in 2017, one may begin to see a mark of decline in HTC. Brands such as Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi have announced almost 30 phones in 2019 alone.

    The HTC brand has for long been showing signs it is going out of business. The company however, finds a way to do something that makes us remember it. We wait to see how this new partnership play out between HTC and InOne.

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