lux airpods deluxe
lux airpods deluxe

Perhaps this is the most expensive AirPods in the world with a 24K gold plated material, made by Brikk and cost up to $ 10,000 (about 230 million).

AirPods is a good quality headset today. However, with the ability to connect Bluetooth and “wireless” really, as well as the convenience features that Apple equipped for this pair of headsets, this is really a product worth the money.

AirPods’ current price is $ 159 and is also quite popular due to the convenience and quality of the finish. But if you have a 24K Gold AirPods, do you really dare?

Brikk recently introduced a customized version of this headset for up to tens of thousands of dollars. Both AirPods headphones and chargers are plated in 24K gold, or 19K in pink gold, and even in the platinum version of the 950. The case of the headset is handmade, fully plated, and directly assembled at Brikk’s lab in Los Angeles.

Along with the AirPods earbuds, Brikk also has “premium” versions of the iPhone dock with Yellow GoldRose Gold, and Platinum. Of course, this accessory will also include 3.5mm audio jack and lightning port.

Premium dock for iPhone is built by Brikk

But the gold-plated version of the iPhone has never been so strange. But this is the first AirPods to be customized with premium materials and prices up to $ 10,000.

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