Windows 10 May 2019 Update Bug Reported By Microsoft

Microsoft has released a supportive document on its official site reporting that you will get an error if you are going to install the Windows 10 May Update when your computer is connected with a Pen Drive or SD Card.

This bug has been officially reported by the Microsoft Company itself. The main problem causing this issue is "inappropriate drive reassignment" when an external storage device like Thumb Drive or SD Card is attached to the computer during the update install.

Let's Understand this Bug in Simple Language

When you are trying to install the Windows 10 Update with a Pen Drive connected to the USP port of your computer. This Pen drive being mounted as drive G or F etc (Depends on your computer system) reassigns itself to a different drive letter when the Windows Upgrade is completed. This changing location of the pen drive leads to update failure.

The following message appears on the screen if the update fails:

windows 10 may update error

How To Fix Windows 10 Update Bug Problem

Microsoft has also provided the solution to fix this issue and the solution is too easy to implement. You just need to remove the USB Drive from your computer's USB Port and restart the update process. And make sure that the USB drive is not inserted again until the update is successfully completed.

The company has also promised that this issue will not exist when installing Windows 10's future updates. And for Windows Insiders, this issue will get resolved in 18877 and later builds.

This is no the first time that this type of issue has been seen. Windows 10 October 2018 Update was bundled with multiple flaws. Though this time Microsoft itself officially acknowledged this update issue and also provide the solution. If you don't want this Windows 10 May Update intentionally then you can block it by inserting a pen drive.

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