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Microsoft wants to ensure the best possible Windows 10 experience. Of course, for this to happen, there are a number of things that have to work. Not only do we need to have a stable and smooth system, but we need to ensure that the updates do not spoil anything. In fact, the updates have been a true Windows Achilles heel. When everything is fine or almost, there is a correction that improves one thing and spoils so many others. Now it looks like everything will get better thanks to a new feature in Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10 updates have the best news ever!

Microsoft currently warns Windows 10 users about compatibility issues with new updates. However, there is always room for improvement.

In 2018, the blocking of updates by Microsoft started to be something usual. This is due to problems with Windows or applications. The same when there is an incompatibility in drivers or hardware configurations more out of the ordinary.

Updates On Windows 10
Updates On Windows 10

In 2020, the blockages continue, sometimes, but most of the time we don’t know why.

So it is important for Microsoft to explain the reason for the blockages. In this way, users know what they can do, or at least, where they have to go. Example: “the graphics card drivers prevent the update”. Thus, people would try to remove this driver or update in order to install the update.

Microsoft’s promise is to be more transparent and as such a new update page will be born, which specifies the reasons that led to the update being blocked.

Windows 10 Updates
Windows 10 Updates

This will count on the support of automated tests on hardware and software, with the support of artificial intelligence. That is, Microsoft will detect everything that could go wrong before the update.

In addition to revealing the reason that blocks an update, Microsoft will provide solutions to make it possible and this is really important.

With the implementation of this new feature in the Windows 10 updates, everything will undoubtedly get even better, as mentioned in the Windows Latest website.

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