Windows 10 is synonymous with progress, things change every now and then. Customizations come and they go so very often that even the most astute of users is bewildered.

Now it has been revealed that Windows 10 fans can now take advantage of this latest Amazon Echo feature and it is offered by the Microsoft operating system. Of course, if you are a Windows 10 user, one thing you would love about it is the ability to get custom changes. Now the one mentioned above can be anyone’s benefit as long as the individual uses Windows 10. Also, operating system comes with its own virtual assistant. The assistant is known as Cortana and it is able to perform some varieties of operations or functions.

Furthermore, the assistant can set many reminders based on time, location or photos to make sure that the user does not forget important events and occasions. It is not surprising that Cortana has been closely identified and integrated with numerous application that one finds in Microsoft Store which allows for sound prompts.

Add to that, the addition of Amazon’s Alexa to the Microsoft Store. This means user have an alternative when it comes to using an assistant. It was previously available for a limited number of Windows 10 computers. However, everyone using the Windows 10 operating system can now take advantage of the assistant.

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Amazon gave a hint of how users will find the operations of the assistant when it ushered in the app with the word: The Convenience of Alexa now on your PC.

With Alexa on PC, users can simplify their lives and use their voice to get more stuffs done.

They can ask Alexa assistant to check calendar, create lists, play music, answer questions, or read the news and even do more. It does not end there, as users can easily control their smart home from anywhere by simply using their voice. This means whether at home or abroad.

For anyone who wants to enjoy this, they have to be using Windows 10 version 17134.0 or higher to take advantage of this new assistant. But there are other devices that will require just pressing a button to start requests.


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