Windows vs. OSX
Windows vs. OSX

What is the fastest operating system? This computer debate is almost as old as the machines themselves. Of course, Windows and Mac fans both tend to assume they have the fastest operating system around. With Windows and Mac quickly releasing updates and new versions of the operating system, how do they compare in terms of speed? Stay tuned to see the answer.


According to most speed tests, Windows is on top, being significantly faster than Mac OS. It is worth noting, however, that when it comes to comparing these two operating systems, performance testing is no longer so common. The Mac practically doesn’t look like Windows and vice versa, and their kernels are completely different.

This is why they are usually compared to the other positive and negative sides. So, let’s rephrase the initial question: which operating system is more efficient and which will allow you to complete your job faster?

Windows vs. OSX – HARDWARE

Let’s start with a hardware comparison because it is closely related to the speed of these devices. With Apple, convenience takes priority and you rarely have to invent a hardware configuration yourself.

However, if you want more freedom, you’re better off with a Windows computer. Windows allows you to easily configure hardware and implement updates if needed. In addition, Windows is supported on devices such as the Raspberry Pi and most VR headsets.

PCs are faster than Macs as long as the price range is the same. However, a Windows computer cannot run macOS, while a computer with Mac as a native operating system can run Windows.


Windows and Mac are quite similar in this respect, and there is no clear winner. Both of these operating systems have their own account systems. If you create a Microsoft / Apple account, you get access to additional useful options such as device synchronization and voice recognition.

In addition, both operating systems install updates in a similar way, as do device drivers for easy-to-read hardware, such as keyboards or mice.


Starting from the login, both systems are quite simple, both with different advantages. The Mac allows you to log in using only your finger if you have a device with a Touch Bar. You can also log in with another Apple device, such as an Apple Watch or an iPhone if you have one near your computer.

Windows relies on Windows Hello for an improved login experience. It has fingerprint readers and face access features, but it doesn’t work on all devices running the Microsoft operating system.

Looking at elementary ease of use, the Windows Start menu is very difficult to beat. It offers you an easy way to open apps, system settings and recent files. Mac OS relies on its Dock, which is an aesthetically pleasing way to access the applications you use most. Both are instinctively easy to use. But if you’re new to both of these operating systems, Microsoft wins here.


Another thing related to your computer’s overall performance is the type and number of apps these devices can run. At first glance, everything looks pretty similar – for example, Adobe apps work well on Windows and Mac, and speed shouldn’t be a problem.

But for more specialized needs, like games, Windows tends to be the best option. It supports many more games than the Mac and Xbox also connects quite well. On the other hand, keep in mind that the Mac is commonly called the ideal operating system for people with creative jobs. The screens of Mac devices are better and the operating system is suitable for the appropriate software for these professions (for example, it supports a wide range of graphic design apps).


In the end, both of these operating systems are fantastic. If your budget isn’t high, you should probably choose a Windows computer and configure the hardware to your liking. But when considering the Mac, remember that it allows you to run Windows.

What is your place in this debate? What would make you think of switching to the other operating system? Do you prefer a third option? Let us know in the comments below.

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