Windowss 10 Calculator App Is Now available For Android Web iOS Platforms
Windowss 10 Calculator App Is Now available For Android Web iOS Platforms

About three months ago, Microsoft declared its Windows 10 calculator as open source and also provided its source code on GitHub. The company thought that making the calculator app as open source and providing its code on GitHub will encourage developers to create this app for other platforms too.

Now you can use the Windows 10 calculator app on other platforms like Android and iOS. These other platform versions have been created by the Uno company. This porting has been done by using their cross-platform GUI which is known as Uno Platform. Uno Platform can be used to port UWP apps to other platforms like Android and iOS.

If you are interested in using the Windows calculator app on your Ios device then you have to first set up Test Flight. By setting up TestFlight, you can try out the beta version of this calculator app easily. And for Android users, you can go to the play store and download this app. However, this app has been labelled as ‘Unreleased’ as it is still in the development phase. You are getting the unreleased version to see and fell the Windows 10 calculator on your Android smartphone.

Uno has also released the web version of the Windows 10 calculator. This means that you can directly use the calculator app on your web browser without downloading anything.


Talking about the user interface of this calculator app on the Android platform, it looks neat and clean. You can toggle between all the different calculator modes by going to the menu option present on the left side.  These modes include standard, scientific and programming mode.

You can also check out their experience when porting this app to other platforms and technical details through their official blog post.

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