KiMiFi K5 1 696x464
KiMiFi K5 1 696x464

If you travel a lot either for leisure or business, at one time or another, you must have experienced a shortage of mobile coverage or absurd charges in many countries. Today, connection to the internet on-the-go is pretty important. Well, the new KiMiFi K5 MiFi just might provide the solution to that.

According to the manufacturers, wondafone, the KiMiFi K5 MiFi keeps you connected in over 130 countries. The device uses breakthrough CloudSIM technology which enables you to get high-speed and unimpeded Internet for both families traveling and business trips. The device has no SIM card and all you need to use the device is take it with you. It packs a 3500mAh battery which can last for up to 14 hours and up to 5 devices can connect to it via WiFi. The device also has an appointment which you can use to control it. There is also any day multilingual customer service in case you experience any issues.

Information from the Indiegogo campaign explains that there is a flat daily rate and offers pay-as-you-go charges with no subscription required. Signing up now will get you 57% off on the launch day. Visit their website to find out more about the device and the company’s services.

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