WonderOS Transform Your Android Smartphone Into Gaming Console
WonderOS Transform Your Android Smartphone Into Gaming Console

WodersOS is finally in active development after taking several years of consistent research and development to eventually come up with the current version of WonderOS. And the company is working on it look for perfection in cloud gaming experience and compatibility.

The employees of Wonder comes from very popular companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Xbox, Sony, HTC, Apple, Sega, Nintendo, etc. These employees are now working for the Wonder company. All these team members have in-depth knowledge about the gaming industry. If your interested in joining the wonder’s teams, you can directly apply from the WondersOS official site.

WonderOS will transform your Android smartphone into a next-generation portable gaming console. WonderOS operating system is owned by the startup ‘Wonder.’ This is an all in one gaming platform.

What is WonderOS?

It is the world’s first gaming operating system based on Android platform built for a seamless and superior cloud gaming experience. You can stream your PC and gaming console games on your Android smartphone using WonderOS. You can also play all the Android games that are available on the play store.Gaming Focused WonderOS

In a very simple language, if you have a PC or any gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, etc. then the WonderOS gaming streaming feature allows you to play those games which are available on your PC or gaming consoles on your Android phone. In the process, the WonderOS utilizes your PC or gaming console’s hardware processing power.

According to the company, the gamers will also be able to stream on their TV using their Android smartphone. However, this feature is no longer useful because nowadays every TV has an HDMI output and a PC or search console can be easily connected to it.


The company is also working on other gaming projects like Wonder Gamepad and Wonder Dock. You can also enjoy cloud gaming on your iOS devices using Steam Link App.

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