Would you buy this Apple Pencil Case for £29 (N14,000) ?

Apple has unveiled a £29 Pencil case for the iPad Pro Stylus Pen.

At the just concluded Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose, the “Big A” unveiled series of devices, operating system (for mobile and PC), applications and lots more.

The iPad Pro was one of the two iPads launched at the conference and it is a 10.5-inch sized tablet that comes with amazing features. Asides the features and specs of the iPad Pro, it comes with some external accessories to ease the usage of the device. One of such accessory is the “Stylus Pen” for easy navigation on the large screen of the iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil Case
The £99 (N47,000) Apple Stylus Pen

While the Stylus Pen in itself is a costly accessory ​which retails for £99 (about N47,000 when converted to local currency), the “Pencil Case” that houses the Stylus Pen is equally exorbitant – costs £19 (N14,000 upon conversion).

Apple Pencil Case
The £29 (N14,000) Apple Pencil Case

The Pencil Case comes in four different colours (brown, taupe, midnight blue and black) and in Apple’s words, “the case protects your Apple Pencil when you’re not using it while making a graceful statement.”

The Pencil Case “might” be a good innovation on Apple’s part but I honestly still can’t point out one reason why anyone would want spend so much amount on purchasing a case for their Apple Pen. Why? Because there are some iPad Pro cases that have a separate space for the Stylus/Apple Pen. So why spend £19 to buy a case that cannot hold more than one Pen.

This Apple Pencil Case joins the league other novel but weird and expensive innovative accessories from the company. The Apple AirPods were expensive, same as the 450 paged £249 “Designed By Apple” photo book which contains all Apple products. Seems Apple is all out for anything that will increase the digits in their coffers.

The £249 Designed by Apple photo book

The iOS 11, Watch OS 4, MacOS High Sierra, the iMac Pro and the HomePod are some other major highlights and announcement made at the just concluded WWDC 2017 event.

Now, down to the big question; Would you buy this Apple Pencil Case for £29 (N14,000) ?


ImageCredit: Telegraph

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