Xbox One 1905 May Update Features Announced

Microsoft's Xbox One April Update has just been released a week ago, but now it's in the May update. The company provided information on what's new with the Xbox One 1905 Edition, which is in the process of testing.

One of the features that will be presented is a novelty called ”Play Later Sun." This allows you to add a list of the games you plan to play in Netflix as you add them to your playlist later on. It is possible to manage your list either from your game console or via the Game Pass mobile app.

Your Friends list will now show you which platform your friends are using to play. With icons, you'll be able to see your friend using an Xbox OnePC, or mobile device. On the other hand, if you are connected from Xbox One, the icons will only appear if your friends are using a PC or mobile device.

Another innovation, called message requests, will bring forward messages from your friends. This will be an important solution against spam.

There are also improvements in applications and games. Even if you no longer select AZ rankings, the game name will not be used as expressions like a, an or the. For example; You will see The Witcher game under T, not under T.

With the Xbox One 1905 Edition to be released next month, you'll get all these innovations.

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