During the event “Xiaomi MIUI’s Core Experience Annual Meeting”, Xiaomi has officially announced the beginning of development work for the future MIUI 11. Obviously, we are at a more than the preliminary stage, but the Chinese company has stressed that it will aim to offer the most revolutionary of its versions for the Android interface.

In short, while other producers try to get closer and closer to a stock of green robots, Xiaomi wants to launch a “new and unique” OS. We will try to increase the degree of interaction with the smartphone through new features and based on the help of artificial intelligence and proprietary technologies: technologies that, as we have the opportunity to comment every day, range in different fields.

In short, the wait is already high after this declaration of intent but in the meantime, there is also an important new feature in view for MIUI 10. In the closed beta version 9.1.10 (global) a reference to the mode was identified dark. The dark mode is, moreover, the future of Android devices, also considering the concrete results from the point of view of energy saving.

Soon the functionality should be added to the first MIUI 10 Global Beta of 2019 and, if the tests go on with the right foot, a definitive release is expected within a couple of months. The news, remember, will be available only for those who have a Xiaomi smartphone with OLED display (Mi Mix 3 and some Mi 8).


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