Xiaomi Comes With New Mechanical Watch - Ciga Design Z Series


In April last year, Xiaomi introduced a premium mechanical watch worth more than RM500 . The watch is a collaboration with Ciga Design. The uniqueness of this clock design makes Xiaomi win the IF's 2017 gold award.

Lastly, Xiaomi comes with a replacement for this hour. It is Ciga Design Z Series. The design of this mechanical watch is no longer round but is a square. Then, this watch face this time - showing the mechanical components more clearly. The glass on the face of the clock is from a blended glass with a patchouli. Building materials are also from strong 316L iron . Like other mechanical clocks, it does not use batteries but depends on the movement of hands and gears inside the clock.

The Ciga Design Series Z mechanical watch comes with 4 clock ropes. 3 of them are red, blue, black and the other is the skin. It is sold through Xiaomi, Youpin joint venture site at RMB999 - which is around RM605.

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