Xiaomi copies one of the functionality of the Mac in Mi 9

The Xiaomi Mi 9 has been heavily inspired by Apple's Mac computers to give us a dynamic wallpaper. This feature was introduced with the latest MacOS and is available across Apple computers.

The Dynamic Wallpaper is nothing more than a change in wallpaper depending on the day. The image of the desert changes depending on the time of day you are. That is, if you go to your computer in the morning you see the desert by day. If you go at night, the same image is shown but with a photograph taken at night.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 followed the same ideology with the Dynamic Wallpaper. In fact, the Chinese company did not even bother to change the sand dunes. The image is basically the same.

It is no longer the first time that Xiaomi is inspired by Apple

I will not call it "copying" because today copy and inspiration are well put together. Xiaomi began its history in smartphones following the ideology of other companies and is not the first time we see such "inspirations".

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Not only in hardware and software. Although in the hardware the young Chinese brand has similarities with Apple, the software is also very identical. I do not want to refer to MIUI at first sight but in the applications, we see in the software.

This is not bad at all. For some reason, Xiaomi is known by many as the "Chinese Apple". Although many consider this an offense, I do not see it as such. It's high time we saw companies present good hardware and software for a decent price.

Apple iOS 13 should bring the Mac Dynamic Wallpaper

The Apple iOS 13, which will be unveiled in June, should also bring Mac's dynamic wallpaper and now we see it on Xiaomi Mi 9. Hopefully, only we have other images beyond the desert.


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