A week ago we were able to meet the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 officially, the new model of the Chinese brand with a big screen. But it seems that this model will not be the only one that will reach this range. Since it has been detected on the internet that there is likely to be a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro, which could soon reach the market. A new model in this range, with features similar to the previous model.

Xiaomi could launch a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro

It has been on the Qualcomm website, in the section of phones that use Snapdragon 710 as a processor. Although nothing had been heard on the phone until now.

Is there the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro?

The presence of the smartphone in this web is a clear sample of its possible existence, although there are many doubts. Since until now, nothing had been known about this Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro. Also, if the normal phone was presented last week, it is strange that this model did not arrive with it, or that nothing was announced about it yet.

Therefore, some question the existence of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro. So we will have to wait to have information about the existence or possible launch of this device of the Chinese brand. Meanwhile, one can doubt whether it really exists.

The model may come with the international launch of the Mi Max 3, which is scheduled to launch in the coming months. We hope to know more details about this phone soon.

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