Xiaomi demonstrates double foldable phone in new video

Xiaomi shows its smartphone with two hinges that goes from a tablet design to smartphone in seconds

Earlier this year, Xiaomi unveiled the world’s first dual-fold smartphone. Now the manufacturer is releasing a new video showing a device with two hinges that goes from a tablet to smartphone format in a few seconds. However, she does not seem in a hurry to toss it.

The video is short: it shows a user browsing the Weibo social network application on a large screen. He then slides his finger from the lower right edge to return to the home screen. Finally, he folds the sides of the device – which takes on a smartphone format – and places it on top of a jar of instant noodles.

This demo was posted to Xiaomi’s official account at Weibo. The transition from tablet mode to smartphones is fairly fluid, but the manufacturer does not even suggest an imminent launch.

Xiaomi wants that foldable phone “to become more mature”

In February, Xiaomi suggested that it is in no hurry to launch a folding smartphone. Donovan Sung, a global spokesperson, and director of product management told VentureBeat: “We would like to expect him to become more mature before announcing it. But rest assured, we’re testing a variety of different collapsible concepts. “

Xiaomi decided to demonstrate their foldable phone because, according to Sung, “we’ve made a lot of progress in this, to the point where we’re comfortable sharing a video of that concept.” However, it is not yet ready for a release, at least not for now.

Bin Lin, president, and co-founder of Xiaomi showed the foldable phone in a video released in January. He explained that the Android interface with MIUI has been adapted to the foldable format; and that the device could be released under the name Mi Dual Flex or Mi Mix Flex, depending on the reception of the public about this concept.

What do did you think of Xiaomi’s folding smartphone?

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