Xiaomi’s Mi MIX series often has a tradition of launching in the last months of the year, for example, the first generation Mi MIX was introduced in October 2016, Mi MIX 2 was introduced in November 2017 and most recently. is Mi MIX 3 launched in October 2018? But strangely, Xiaomi recently posted a poster with the meaning of Mi MIX 4’s existence.

Specifically, on this poster, Xiaomi “showcases” 3 generations of Mi MIX series and a glowing fourth phone covering the details of the front. Xiaomi has not named this mysterious phone model, but with the product layout as on the poster, it is easy to make users think of the 4th generation Mi MIX.

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi has a tradition of introducing Mi MIX at the end of the year, but at the present time, the smartphone war is becoming hotter than ever. With Samsung pledging to launch a new smartphone every month, it significantly affects the business advantages of brands like Xiaomi. Therefore, the Xiaomi speeding up product launch is also understandable.

Of course, that’s just the speculation of TecHLecToR based on the poster from Xiaomi, what products Xiaomi is trying to imply is perhaps we still need more time to verify.

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