Xiaomi mi notebook air 20
Xiaomi mi notebook air 20

Xiaomi is much more than smartphones. The Chinese company has products that do not “remind the Baby Jesus”. But what has now been announced has everything to be a success. In effect, the Chinese technology has announced a new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air.

As far as the IT segment is concerned, Xiaomi has two lines of computers: the Air and the Pro. As the names indicate, they are designed for those who like elegance and power, respectively.

In this sense, for those who like portability now, there is one more option. The new 12.5-inch Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air comes with a smaller screen and specifications to take into account.

New Xiaomi Mi 12.5-inch Air Notebook is quite interesting

Firstly, it should be noted that the overall design of this computer has not changed. We have the same lines as the previous models, however, this one is more powerful and more elegant.

Therefore, we have a new 12.5-inch screen with Full-HD resolution. Its margins are smaller than usual, only 5.7mm thick. In addition, it weighs 1.07kg and has an overall thickness of 12.9mm.

Looking at the specifications we have, in its interior, a processor Intel Core I5 of the seventh generation. This comes accompanied by 4GB of RAM and even 256GB of internal storage.

Another point of the extreme importance of this new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air will be its battery. Not revealing, however, its capacity, the company only says that will be enough for 11.5 hours of autonomy.

In terms of inputs, this Mi Notebook Air comes with only one USB-C port. In effect, this will serve for data transfer and for fast charging of the computer’s battery. In terms of software, we have Windows 10.

Finally, it is important to mention the selling prices of this Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air of 12.5 inches. This will be marketed in China for the equivalent of about € 509. Still, it will certainly be possible to import this computer via the usual online stores from that country.

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