Xiaomi Is Taking Back POCO F1 Due To Phoness Touch Issues
Xiaomi Is Taking Back POCO F1 Due To Phoness Touch Issues

Xiaomi has recently provided a new software update for MIUI to its POCO F1 users. It is reported that after receiving this update, there is an unknown number of POCO F1 users who are experiencing touch issues on their phones.

The touch issue includes screen freezing, ghost touch and touch lags. But this is not happening with all the POCO F1 devices and it is still unclear how many devices are affected by the touch issues.

For your knowledge, screen freezing means that your smartphone has been stuck on a particular frame. Ghost touch issue is when your phone performs touch actions on its own and you didn’t even touch the mobile screen. And touch lags occur when you click on the screen to do any task but the phone takes a long time to process your touch action.

Those POCO users who are affected by it need not worry because Xiaomi has provided a solution for it. Alvin Tse, head of Pocophone’s Global has tweeted on his official Twitter account saying that the users facing touch issues can return their phone to test the devices and come up with a solution. You can check the tweet below:

poco f1 touch issue solution

How To Contact Xiaomi To Send Your POCO F1 phone?

In order to send your device to the company, you need to mail Alvin Tse and the receiver mail address is “vzhaoxiaomi@gmail.com“. Your mail must include user ID, contact details, feedback ID and describe your issue. You can also attach a screenshot or video relating to the issue for better understanding of your problem.

After mailing, you will be soon contacted by the company representative who will take your POCO F1 for the testing purpose.

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