The world has already caught a glimpse of what a foldable smartphone from Xiaomi might look like. However, those who think that this is guaranteed, as the company has several prototypes at hand, are to be disenchanted.

The information was given by Donovan Sung, a spokesman for Xiaomi, in an interview with VentureBeat. There, he made known to the world the plans of the company for which he works on the future of mobile communication.

With that done, Sung said that Xiaomi is working on various concepts for a foldable smartphone. It is more than likely that the company has been attentive to the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X and therefore want to correct the imperfections of these foldable devices.

Xiaomi will launch its foldable smartphone when it is more convenient

In addition, he says that there is not yet a calculated schedule for the presentation of this smartphone. This moment will occur when the concept itself is more matured. A clear allusion to the precocity of the device that we have already been presented.

After all, the foldable smartphones from Huawei and Samsung still have quite a few edges to file. This entire niche market is only just beginning, and it is only natural that much is still to be improved.

In the same interview, the spokesman of Xiaomi gave us still the vision of the company for 5G. Therefore, the Chinese company believes that this new standard of connectivity will change the mobile world as we know it today.

In this sense, he gives an example of how the transition from 3G to 4G has changed this paradigm. In the era of the first, even simple navigation on Instagram could be a painful process. With the arrival of 5G, Sung expects that much will change again because of the higher speeds it offers us.

One concrete step that Xiaomi gave in MWC in relation to 5G was the presentation of Mi Mix 5G. Admittedly, this is a device very similar to the model presented last year, but some modifications had to be made.

In turn, these were operated internally as the inclusion of the Snapdragon X50 modem and a larger battery. But the main highlight of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G is even its sale price of 599 €. A value that reflects the continuity in offering the best products at the most affordable prices possible.


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