Xiaomi is increasingly betting heavily on several different market segments. One of the markets in which it has concentrated its attention is the one of the Smart TV, having already launched several very interesting models.

Now, during its latest event, has introduced the new Xiaomi Mi TV 4 with an incredible 65 “. This television will put itself as the top of the range of the brand’s entire range of televisions, not only for its dimensions but also for its technology.

In terms of design, this is another extremely beautiful Smart TV. Much thanks to its frames almost nonexistent in three of its extremities. Despite its large size, the new Xiaomi Mi TV 65 “inch is only 7.5mm thick.

Even though it has a giant screen, it is extremely robust and ideal for wall mounting. Not only for its reduced thickness, but also for the fact that it has the whole rear panel in stainless steel.

The Xiaomi Mi TV 65 “inch will be the main focus of any room

Your hardware specs are far from being less surprising. Your screen supports 4K HDR resolution, ensuring a delightful user experience.

To ensure the highest level of performance for its Smart TV capabilities, it comes equipped with the Amlogic Cortex A53 processor and the Mali-450 graphics processor. To support the two processors, there will be 2GB of RAM.

What’s more, to get even more out of your competition, it comes with PatchWall software. This software takes advantage of the advances made in the segment of artificial intelligence, by constantly learning the habits of the user, always presenting the most relevant contents.

Finally, what makes this Xiaomi Mi TV 4 even more special, is the fact that it costs only 760 euros. For a Smart TV of this category, it’s a real find. However, there is always a snag. It will certainly be quite complicated to find this television available outside the Chinese market.

However, if you are a fan of the brand and are looking for a quality Smart TV at a “friendly price”, you can always see here the 32 “Xiaomi Mi TV 4A. It does not have the same dimensions as this new Smart TV, but the quality is all there. To further enhance the whole experience, you can not miss the Xiaomi Soundbar! (know more about prices and shipping here)


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