While we’ve all seen skates before, this product is one I doubt anyone has seen something like. Xiaomi has announced the latest product under Ninebot, the Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates. This is definitely an amazing product, and it even has an almost futuristic feel to it. This cool pair of skates is a product of Ninebot’s mastery of self-balancing boards and segways. So without further ado, let us take a much closer look at the brand new Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates.

First off, let us check out of the specs of this cool device. The balance wheel on each skate weighs about 2.6 kg. The skates feature a one-piece die-cast magnesium alloy. This alone weighs 354g. One of the best things about the skates, according to Xiaomi and Ninebot, is its lightweight but very strong design. So, we hope that it holds up well. Unfortunately, the skates only support people who weigh 80 kg or less. This means that some people might not get to experience it.

Each balance wheel packs six high-powered 18,650 batteries which allow the skates to last up to 80 minutes. The skates also have an intelligent BMS battery management system which helps distributes the load in a low battery state, which in turns helps to protect the battery effectively. According to Ninebot, you should only use the skates on flat and dry ground, if that weren’t already obvious enough.

Ninebot says the Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates is a product of all the 20 years experience. The skates are supposedly just as complex as a car, except it is about the size of a shoe. As a matter of fact, the company kept bringing it up, which made it clear that they are very much proud of it. Talking about the pricing, the Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates will cost 999 yuan, and they will be available for purchase on the 18th of June.

So what do you think about the Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates? Cool or nah? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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