Xiaomi launches smart padlock to prevent theft

When we talk about Xiaomi we remember smartphones and even TVs. However, padlocks for bikes is the last thing that comes to mind. Still, it's true. Xiaomi is preparing an innovative padlock that gives both bikes and motorbikes as well as shops, cars and anything else that requires a padlock. The great advantage of Smart Carlock is that it is not necessary to be running the famous metal parts to enter the right code. All you need is a fingerprint. Interesting, this advanced padlock from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi's new advanced padlock solves the problem of forgetting

The new teaser that came to the Internet shows some features. There is no rust to affect it. Moreover, there is no problem with forgetting. After all, we only need the fingerprint. It also works well even when it rains. According to Xiaomi, you can use this special padlock to protect almost all vehicles. In a car, this padlock can be applied to the steering wheel. However, it can also be used to attach bicycles to a grid, or to close a store's crates. It closes easily and opens with the same simplicity.

This device was developed in partnership by Xiaomi with the company Mars Exploration Technology.

The latter company, more unknown here, designs various virtual reality products and other smart devices. It is not exactly a new one since it was founded in 2015.

It is true that this type of padlocks are not rare. Still, this one has the name of Xiaomi. This ensures not only higher quality but advanced features. This new device will be announced on April 9th. For now, it will come alone but will join a very comprehensive product portfolio that includes everything we can imagine or not.

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