The kitchen has always been one of the essential parts of a family life; some people see cooking as a pleasure, no matter how tired they are after work, they have the idea that there is nothing better than a good food for their dear ones and of course, for themselves. Whether it’s an open kitchen or a separate space, the fumes generated during cooking contain a high amount of contaminants (more than 300 types in total), which not only contaminate the kitchen with fats and odours but could also affect the health of your family. As part of the household products, Xiaomi has developed a smoke extractor and an intelligent kitchen that can be controlled from a Smartphone, the price of the package is 2499 yuan ($ 375) and is sponsored by the seal of Mijia and Viomi like other products on its crowdfunding platform. The kit consists of a hood or smoke extractor and a two burner stove, so let’s quickly see a little information of each.

Smoke extractor with elegant design and incomparable efficiency

The design of the hood has a  depth of 38.5 centimetres and a slope of 15 °  that helps to promote the absorption of smoke. It has a suction of  21 cubic meters of air per minute. Its finish is made of stainless steel sealed with a laser, which will help keep it clean, thus being more resistant to rust and grease. The suction pressure is  425 Pa, with a noise of only 52 dB when in operation. When it is not working, the exhaust cover is closed to prevent further accumulation of grease in the equipment.

Xiaomi shows off with a safe kitchen

As for the natural gas stove,  the burners are protected against fires,  and the burners are made of aluminium to prevent rust. The glass panel has three layers of glass that protects against possible explosions. Also, it has a system that notifies when the spark battery has been expended. It has two rings: one inside and one outside,  to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly by the pot or pan. In case there is a leak or the gas is left open, it will be cut automatically, avoiding accidents of this type.

The stove has a blue flame combustion system, which can perform the complete integration of gas and oxygen to achieve excellent energy efficiency. The full flame of 176 holes can reach a firepower of 4200W. It also has a pair of knobs that can rotate 230 degrees, with which a fine adjustment of the level of the flame can be made.

Another striking aspect of this package is that both devices can be controlled from the smartphone, thanks to an application. This way we can control all aspects of the kitchen and the extractor from the terminal wirelessly. We will also be able to know if we have left the gas open if there are significant amounts of smoke or other important details. At the moment it only reaches China with a price of $ 375, which includes stove, hood and installation.

You can also purchase the components separately (although it would cost more), the extractor (called Cross), is priced at € 382 ($ 449) while the stove (called Power 4.2) costs € 127.5. They will be on sale on  October 31st.

Both the hood and the cookers have a free installation in China. But to think about a broader market with these types of products, we will have to wait a little longer, since offering this kind of service in other countries requires a logistics that Xiaomi is not yet able to guarantee.

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