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Xiaomi hosted a launch event in China in which it launched size new products such as the Xiaomi TV and Xiaomi Mural TV, Mi Weighing Scale, Mi Walking Machine, etc. The company also launched a new air conditioner, the Xiaomi Floor Standing AC.

Just as the name implies, the Mi Floor Standing AC features a cylindrical design, which is entirely different from the previous air conditioners that has a typical split design. According to the company, the air conditioner has two cooling capacity, 1100m3/h circulating air volume and is suitable for a room of about 20-32 square meter.

There is also the swinging motion which goes in all four directions — up and down as well as left and right. Xiaomi also says that the QC packs a three-dimensional air supply which allows air to reach the room quickly at every corner.

According to Xiaomi, the ducts and blades in the AC are specially optimized to offer a super quiet experience. The AC features a 5100W cooling capacity and 5650W heating capacity. This will allow air supply up to 8 meters long and 2100W ceramic PTC electric auxiliary heat.

The AC also comes by with a built-in IoT chip, which also supports controlling through the company’s Mi App. The functions of the AC can be automated based on room temperature and humidity.

The Mi Floor Standing AC also comes with a new remote control that is divided into certain sections. They are the screen area, main function area, and auxiliary function area. The remote has different buttons which come with different concave or convex design, making it easier to operate for a blind person.

The Mi Floor Standing AC comes with a price tag of 3,499 Yuan in China, which is approximately $521. However, for the first sale, the product can be purchased for 2,999 Yuan, which is approximately $446. Reservations are already available even from today!

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