xiaomi mi 6x 1
xiaomi mi 6x 1

If you are interested in large smartphones, you have certainly read our post about the premiere of Honor 8X and Honor 8X Max. Both phones presented on September 5 look very interesting, but the president of Xiaomi has a completely different opinion on this subject.


Honor 8X has a large screen that fills almost the entire front of the phone, equipped with a new Kirin 710 processor, supports proprietary Turbo GPU technology from Huawei and is priced at 1399 yuan (about $204). It seems that it could become a real mid-range bestseller. The president of Xiaomi, Lin Bin, denies this and believes that the previously released Mi 6X is still better.

Special graphics appeared on Weibo showing that Xiaomi is better. Both phones were compared in many aspects and it was Mi 6X that proved to be a leader. According to Orange, it has better cameras, it is more efficient and thinner, and has a newer USB-C socket and fast QC 3.0 charging. As for the price advantage, I would not be so sure, because the 6 + 64 and 4 + 64 variants cost the same. The Xiaomi proposal is also expected to be available in a larger number of color versions.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi forgot to add that the Honor has a larger battery, a microSD card slot and is fewer bezels.

Taking into account the results in the benchmarks, I admit Xiaomi. The new Kirin 710 was supposed to be a competitor for the Snapdragon 710, and here it is not able to overtake even the 660th. It is no wonder that Snapdragon was used in the “Max” version.

And what about Honor? In connection with this case, Vice President Xiong Junmin replied:

We are better at making shock products. We do not know much about the marketing tricks. Not only regular employees but also executives started vilifying. The Honor 8X has made many ‘friends’ get upset. That’s why they can not sit still. But we are very happy about that. Sorry.

It seems that the Chinese company is happy that it can be seen as a competitor to Xiaomi.

In my opinion, sales results will show which phone is actually better. And what would you choose – Honor 8X or Xiaomi Mi 6x?

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