Xiaomi Mi 7 destacada 1
Xiaomi Mi 7 destacada 1

After the glorious launch of the Xiaomi Mi 6, the attention of all Xiaomi fans has focused on the new Mi MIX 2 and Mi Note 3. Both devices promise to possess a hardware of dreams, in addition to dazzle to all with an exquisite design. But a handful of fans have already started hunting another device. We refer to the possible Xiaomi Mi 7.

Xiaomi Mi 7: the beginnings of Rumor

Just a few days we witnessed a report that mentioned that the Xiaomi Mi 7could incorporate the OLED screen without 6-inch bezels from Samsung, as well as the new star chip company Qualcomm: the Snapdragon 845. If this were true, the new Mi 7 would become incredibly powerful. Of course, all their rivals should be too, including those who are from the own Xiaomi (a nice competition between family).

We should mention that there were some reports that Xiaomi and Samsung would have signed the same agreement for the supply of OLED screens. These monitors should be released early next year, but a recent leak gives us a different story. It turns out that the first order of OLED panels of 6.01 inches would arrive in December of this year. Approximately 1 million units are estimated to be shipped in the first month, and by the second month this figure should reach 2.2 million.

Xiaomi Mi 7: the expectation grows

Another blogger is convinced that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will eliminate security through the fingerprint scanner to give rise to facial recognition technology. However, others do not see this to be feasible, since even Apple has not been able to implement it on their new iPhone 8, so it is unlikely that we will see this technology in any mobile in the remainder of 2017, and even some bet that it would not arrive in 2018.

Earlier this year, Vivo gave us an early preview of Qualcomm’s ultrasonic display technology. But this is still a long way from entering large-scale production. Again, everything indicates that we will have to wait until next year to see what this technological advance is.

Apart from the previously mentioned, we do not know more about the Xiaomi Mi 7, but these two characteristics already create an expectation. If true, the price of the phone could be around 2999 Yuan (about $ 460). Let’s hope that the seventh generation of the Mi range is presented in the MWC

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