Xiaomi MI Box Remote Not Working Or Pairing - See Fix


Are you presently experiencing the trouble of your Xiaomi MI Box Remote not working or pairing with your MI Box android TV Box? Then your troubles are over, lets fix it together.

Unlike the X96 mini Android TV Box, the Xiaomi MI Box Remote is a Bluetooth remote, meaning, it does not function the same way the traditional IR remotes does. It uses a Bluetooth functionality instead.

I personally feel the function is surely a better idea compared to the usual IR remotes. Why this is the case is owners being able to take control of the MI Box without needing to point the remote to the android TV box.

This will however come at a price. Sometimes, the Xiaomi MI Box Remote Bluetooth will just refuse to pair with the android TV box. This makes you think the remote is not functioning or not connecting. Pressing the pairing button combinations does not proffer any solution either.

It can be a massive struggle i must say, but in this article, we will solve the problem of Xiaomi MI Box Remote Not working or pairing.

Rectify Xiaomi MI Box Remote Not Functioning, Connecting Or Pairing

Like always, i will highlight a number of effective solutions, you just have to go with what works best for you.

The reason this is so is because what works for you might not work for others, but at the end of the day, everyone gets it fixed.

So getting into it straight away, this is how to go about it:

1. Check MI Box Remote Batteries

You will not find batteries in your MI Box remote control when you purchase it newly. I wondered why this was the case as well since batteries that come with electronic devices always does the job longer than the ones you purchase in the market.

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You generally enjoy the batteries that came with their products as you rarely have a need to change them as opposed to the less quality ones you purchase yourself.

This is why it is vital for you to confirm that the batteries on your Xiaomi MI remote are still working and are yet to pack up.

Or better still, get a new set of batteries into the remote and see if you notice positive changes. If the problem is not the battery, lets see another potential solution.

2. Take Out And Restore Batteries

See this as a continuation of the first solution. This is a popular fix that you should try out.

At times, the Xiaomi MI Box Remote not pairing is caused by the Bluetooth functionality. When that is the case, take out both batteries, hold on for some seconds and then put them back in.

This is not guaranteed to work all the time at first trial, but after repeated attempts, it can solve the problem. When that happens, the option to pair the remote with the MI box will appear on the screen. This aids the connection between the remote and the MI box.

3. Restart The Xiaomi MI Android TV Box

As far as it is in range, we do not expect the Bluetooth remote to automatically disconnect from the device. The pairing issue only becomes a thing when the Xiaomi MI Box restarts and the remote is not pointing towards the direction of the device.

The remote has to be close to the device before any form of pairing can be carried out. I’m talking...about 8-inches. When pairing is done, ensuring the remote is that close is no longer necessary.

With this knowledge, restart the Xiaomi MI Android TV Box, ensure the remote is near the MI box during start-up. I am still talking 8-inches, i.e about 20cm. It should start to function properly after a boot up is finished.

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4. Utilize The Android TV Remote Control App

If you did not know, the Xiaomi MI Box actually functions with the android TV app. You can make use of your smartphone to control your Android TV box if you do not feel like making use of the MI remote. If you are an android phone owner, ensure the android TV app is downloaded.

Pairing is simple and can be done over WiFi. The smartphone and the MI Box have to be connected to the one WiFi network. If they are making use of different WiFi, this is where the Bluetooth function on your phone can come in.

When the Xiaomi MI Box Remote fails to connect with the device, the Android TV app and your Android smartphone can step in as well.

5. Unpair And Repair

The final fix that will be discussed to end the Xiaomi MI remote not connecting problem is for you to unpair and then repair the remote.

You will require the Android TV app on your smartphone to get this done. This solution should be attempted when everything else has failed if you do not really fancy having to restart your device or sticking with the app.

To have your Xiaomi MI Box Remote unpaired and repaired, do this:

  1. Make use of the Android TV app as remote, head to Settings on the Xiaomi MI Box.
  2. Select Xiaomi Remote under Remote and Accessories.
  3. Select Unpair under Xiaomi Remote

At this stage, an instruction asking to pair your remote will appear. Press the required button combination as you ensure the remote is near the MI box and it will connect seamlessly.

After that, the MI box remote can control the Android TV Box.

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