Meizu 15 Plus VS Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Users of a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S are in luck. The Chinese brand is looking for Beta testers for Android P and its adaptation to MIUI 10. We know that Android P as it is already known as Android Pie will come on August 20. That is why many manufacturers are already working on their adaptation to their layers; However, Xiaomi one of them and on their website now looking for Beta testers.

Upgrade or die

Now that there are no great innovations in the technological market, you have to renew or die trying. There has been an intense movement on the part of the brands to catch up. So the operating system even being Android was different in each device according to the user and their preferences. It is also true that not all users wanted or could change the OS. However, the most demanding users had that option.

Today the public interested in rooting the phone is much smaller. This is given that Android stock every day comes with more functionalities of origin. Therefore, the need to root is left behind in the past.

How to be a Beta tester

To be a beta tester, it is essential that you accept and meet certain requirements. Which is logical to make sure they do not abandon the project or report failures.

The first advice is that if you do not master English we do not recommend doing it. The entire program and communication with the developers will be in English. Other requirements will be QQ to communicate and the app of the MIUI forums. All this to be able to communicate with the community and be able to report any failures that may arise once installed.

Apart from the above, we remind you that you have to enter this page and follow the instructions there. Having the bootloader unlocked will be another requirement and it is recommended to back up your files before doing any of this.

If you want to tell us about your experience please comment.

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