Xiaomi Mi Note10
Xiaomi Mi Note10

Xiaomi is slowly moving away from the most economical devices and this is something that has been very present in the latest releases of this manufacturer. The Xiaomi Mi Note10 and Redmi K20 Pro are good examples of this. Now that Note 10 is coming, it’s time to look at it and see if it’s worth buying or not. Especially because the competition is fierce in this segment!

Xiaomi Mi Note10: Is this smartphone really worth buying?

If Xiaomi wants to compete seriously with other smartphones, it will have to bet on good specifications in the most diverse areas. Fortunately, the Mi Note 10 reveals that the capital gains aren’t just on cameras.

Of course when we look at the key features, what stands out most in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10’s spec list is the 108-megapixel camera sensor. Added to it are four other cameras, namely telephoto, wide-angle and rear-facing macro cameras, to provide a competitive and versatile camera package. But, as we all know, not only photography lives a smartphone.

At the chipset level and while the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 doesn’t use an iconic chipset like the one on Google Pixel 4 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the Snapdragon 730G is nothing to throw away.

It delivers 25% more performance than Snapdragon 730 and is more energy-efficient than Snapdragon 855.

That is the most powerful chipset. These feature adds up to 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. That is, it is a very good set of specifications.

Users also have access to excellent battery life on the Mi Note 10. In fact, with 5.260mAh it provides autonomy for more than one day. However, although it does not support wireless charging, the 30W fast charger is a great addition.

At picture and screen level it is true that a Full HD + panel is nothing out of this world. Still, it is a good choice for users who value above all the above battery performance.

Looking at all this, the Mi Note 10 guarantees excellent value for the price it costs. The camera setup is quite impressive, the device offers a lot of versatility and has a decent set of internal components. In fact, it will be difficult to find a smartphone as competitive as the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 within this segment.

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