Xiaomi Mi Pad 4
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Pad 3 tablet in April 2017. The tablet is no longer available for purchase. One rumour has speculated that the Chinese company has no plans to debut a successor model for now. Zang Zhiyuan, who is the director of marketing for Xiaomi, confirmed in Chinese social network Weibo that the company is working on a new tablet.

It also revealed the reason why Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 can no longer be bought anymore. He says the tablet is completely depleted. The tablet came at a compelling price compared to other competitors in its category. There is no confirmation on the arrival of the next-generation Xiaomi tablet.

It’s only been seven months since Mi Pad 3 was launched. The company may want to launch a new tablet in the second quarter of 2018. If Mi Pad 4 comes next year, the company will be able to replenish the Mi Pad 3 stock.

Rumors say that Xiaomi can launch the Mi Pad 3 with a 2-in-1 hybrid design. Since top brands and even other Chinese brands have released 2-in-1 devices, there’s a chance that Xiaomi might debut Mi Pad 4 with a two at 1. There is a possibility that the new tablet can support LTE connectivity.

But what if Mi Pad 4 was released, would any of you have an interest in acquiring it? And what feature do you think this new version should have?

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  1. A 8-9 inch dual tablet (win 10 + android 8) with 4-6Gb RAM, 64-128 Gb ROM, SD and a functional attachable keyboard at a reasonable price would be a top seller!

    Android 8 seems to be easier to update than previous versions.

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