Xiaomi Mi Pay Beta India
Xiaomi Mi Pay Beta India

Apple Pay and Google Pay without counting Samsung Pay and all the other payment methods linked to the mobile world now have to deal with Xiaomi too, which with Mi Pay, is about to arrive on the overburden market with its payment system.

All the biggest smartphone manufacturers and related services have their payment system even if the gap between Apple and Google is a lot but everyone is trying to catch up.

Xiaomi is starting these days with its Beta Tester program in India that will allow you to try Mi Pay through its devices. The Chinese company, therefore, wants to get to the market as soon as possible and makes its debut in a market where it is very strong, and where it could get excellent results right away.

Note that the Chinese version of the app used only NFC at the time of launch, and then the biggest problem would be to use the few Xiaomi devices that have the integrated NFC chip, and by choice, the Chinese company has very few compatible devices.

Fortunately, Xiaomi has thought of everything and has also enabled payments via QR Code, and therefore you do not need a phone with the NFC to make and receive payments. Of course, the process is longer than just passing NFC, but eventually, all the latest Xiaomi devices have NFC.

The service is still with beta access and to be able to actually use it is necessary to have a global MIUI beta ROM. Xiaomi adds that the feature will be available in the settings menu, contacts app, scanner utility, and SMS app.

Meanwhile, if you want you can sign up for the Beta Tester program for Xiaomi Mi Pay by clicking on the following link:

Link Inscription Xiaomi Mi Pay Beta Tester

We’ll see if Xiaomi will be able to worry Apple, Google, and Samsung in the world of mobile payments.

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