xiaomi mijia mi robot vacuum 003
xiaomi mijia mi robot vacuum 003

If you are a follower of our website, you will notice that we have mentioned several times the Xiaomi smartphones. But today, we bring you the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2. This robot vacuum cleaner has enough fans who have waited for quite a while for a this version. Xiaomi listened to them and was preparing the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 to be released last August 30th. However, for unknown reasons this did not happen but do not worry now, there is a more accurate date for the launch of this second generation of the robot vacuum cleaner set for September 19. We are sure it will be a great product since Xiaomi has been working on it for a long time.

Launch of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2

Recently the company published on its social networks the new application for all Xiaomi Mi Smart Home products. Although there is no particular word mentioning the release of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 application, the video promotion of the application has a very interesting scene, where it shows a filthy floor, but with a Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2, the floor turns clean. Of course, it is not difficult to guess that the vacuum cleaner of Xiaomi made that sweep. Also, no one doubts that the new model will be smarter and will be full of more amazing cleaning features. Although what or which of these features will be improved remains a mystery.

Survey by Xioami

In July, Xiaomi published a survey asking its users what features they wanted to see in the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2. In total there were seven characteristics which were: width, silence, camera monitoring, sweep, the extent of dust box capacity, marked areas to clean and cyclone function. More than 350 Mi users participated in the survey, and most of them want the new generation of the vacuum cleaner to be quieter. Although the sweeping and setting location for the sweeping options had many votes.

Some of us already know what the original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum offers. This vacuum cleaner has a laser navigation system and a route planning system. So, if people want more, the manufacturer should think of something better than what this first generation already brings. Also, this is one of the best smart cleansing products in the world, praised by almost all its users. And the added control through the application and some smart control options make it stand out more among your competition.

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