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After the Xiaomi Mi TV Bar was a big flop for Xiaomi fans in Europe, there is now a second Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker from the Chinese manufacturer. Unlike Xiaomi's first TV bar, this one is not equipped with an operating system and should work well with your TV or smartphone.

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Technical specifications

NameXiaomi Mi TV Speaker
Dimensions830 x 87 x 72 mm
Weight1,925 kg
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.2, AUX, Toslink, RCA, S / PDIF
Driver2 x 14 watts
Frequency range50-25.000Hz
Impedance6 ohms


Immediately noticeable that the Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker is not intended for distribution outside of China. The accessories include a manual in Chinese, a power supply with CN connector (no adapter included), an S/PDIF cable, as well as dowels and screws.


Compared to the Xiaomi Mi TV Bar, which we have already tested, the new Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker with a weight of 1.925 kg is half as heavy and with the dimensions of 830 x 87 x 72 mm handier than its big brother.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to get the whole TV bar on a picture 😀

On the back of the speaker, there are two mounting points at a distance of 416 mm to hang the speaker against a wall.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker is overall very well made; it has no material defects or other weaknesses. It is only available in the color combination white/gray. Unfortunately, there is no other version, at least a second variant in black/gray would be desirable.

The driver of the Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker

Behind the chic textile cover, there are a total of four speakersTwo tweeters with a size of 0.75 inches, which have been implemented on the left and right outside and two mid- and low drivers, every 2.5 inches in size. Also, Xiaomi has given his TV Speaker four passive emitters, which should provide for deep and rich bass.

Xiaomi indicates the power of the speaker with 2 x 14 watts, which sounds like little power first. In our experience, the performance of Chinese manufacturers anyway is not a good indicator to make statements about the sound quality.

In the test, the speaker has performed solid overall. Due to the length of the speaker, the drivers are quite far apart. As a result, the sound, in comparison to small Bluetooth speakers such as the JKR KR - 1000, much more spacious.

The four passive radiators develop a good bass, which unfortunately tends to oversteer at very high volume. During regular use, however, you notice nothing of it. If you put the bass about the size of the speaker, there could be more in it. High and mid tones I like, they are clear and in a solid vote to the low tone and scratch not.

Overall, the sound of the Xiaomi Mi TV speaker is good. About the size and the price of the Soundbar I hoped for more. The sound is similar to a JBL Extreme or the Xiaomi Mi Network Speaker, which is much smaller and already available for about 60 €.

Connections - something for every TV!

The Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker is equipped with a variety of connectors. In addition to the standard connections such as AUX and Bluetooth 4.2, the speaker can also be connected via RCA, Toslink or S / PDIF with a TV/receiver.

As already mentioned, unfortunately, only one S/PDIF cable is included in the scope of delivery. If necessary, additional cables must be procured on own account - here Xiaomi was already generous. In addition to the audio connections, the DC power connector is also implemented here. A battery was unfortunately not installed, so the speaker is designed only for stationary use.


Overall, the speaker has seven control buttons. Each playback source has its button, very clear! There is also a volume up or volume down button. Unfortunately, these are not duplicated, so cannot be selected by Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker the previous or next title.

Why Xiaomi has not developed a corresponding remote control for this speaker, which is advertised as a TV Speaker, is a mystery to me. In the test, we connected the soundbar to the TV via Toslink as well as with the included S / PDIF cable. The adjustment of the volume via the TV remote control, unfortunately, did not work with both connection possibilities. Thus, one has no choice but to change the volume each time by pressing a button, a pity!


The new Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker is a TV bar that is also interesting for Xiaomi fans in Europe. Thanks to the versatile connectivity options, the soundbar is in principle compatible with any TV or receiver. An annoying operating system, such as the Xiaomi Mi TV bar, falls away.

Although I like the sound overall, it could have been more in relation to size and price. Especially when you consider that the Xiaomi Mi Network Speaker with a more compact design and around € 30 savings produces a similar sound. As with ever thinner TVs less and less space for internal speakers remains, I lean so far out of the window that the Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker probably still represents a sonic update for almost every flat screen.

Annoying is the fact that there is simply no way to remotely control the soundbar, especially regarding volume but also because of the different connection options. A remote control, like the TaoTronics TT-SK017 Soundbar, could have been in there. Running to the TV to make the sound quieter / louder is pretty 1960 and does not usually look like Xiaomi at all.

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