Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset unveiled, undergoing Public testing in China


Chinese innovative tech company Xiaomi has unveiled its first Virtual Reality headset dubbed Mi VR Play but the device is not yet available for purchase but is undergoing public testing in China. Xiaomi hinted on a possible August 1 release date for the VR headset but all we got on that day was a video trailer that seem to suggest the outing would actually be August 4th.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play

The Xiaomi Mi VR Play looks a lot like Google’s Cardboard VR headset and basically employs the same design concept, principles but a lot more tweaking than the Google VR made only from carton.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play

The interior design of the Mi VR Play is made of cardboard box and VR glass lenses similar to Google’s. There is a better compactment for the smartphones on the Xiaomi VR headset and users may not need to manually adjust the hansets to achieve better video quality as the compactment has been set such that the smartphone lies just behind the lenses.The Mi VR Play has zippers which hold the phones firmly in its compactment which can fit smartphones with sizes ranging from 4.7-inches – 5.7-inches. The exterior of the VR headset is covered with lycra cotton material with different design prints and color patterns.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play

Also, Xiaomi has developed an app called VR app which provides panoramic video, 3D movies, games and other applications for optimal performance of the VR Play.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play

For those already gearing up to own one of this beautifully designed VR headset, the Mi VR Play is not yet available for purchase as the device is still under beta testing in China. Sure, the device will hit the market soon and we expect it to carry a cheap price tag as with Xiaomi smartphones and other gadgets.


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