Xiaomi and Microsoft sign collaboration agreement on various technologies

Xiaomi and Microsoft signed an agreement to collaborate on technologies for cloud computing, artificial intelligence and development of equipment for use in portable computers. The two companies will also collaborate on personal assistants, using their own devices and existing products, such as Microsoft’s Cortana.

Commenting on the latest agreement, Xiaomi senior vice president Wang Xiang said:

We are very pleased with our collaboration with Microsoft and are very happy to continue deepening the relationship with the signing of this strategic memorandum of understanding. Xiaomi’s mission is to enable everyone in the world to enjoy technology. This collaboration with Microsoft in many areas of technology will help us more quickly deliver products and services that are most striking to our users.

On Twitter, the executive published:

We signed an MoU ( strategic MoU) today with @microsoft to collaborate on cloud support, AI and laptop type devices. This will help accelerate our pace to bring more exciting products and services to our users, and also enable Microsoft to reach more users using Xiaomi products!

This partnership with Microsoft is not the first of Xiaomi’s. In 2015, Microsoft hired Xiaomi to offer Windows 10 ROMs to Xioami Mi 4. In 2016, Xiaomi acquired 1,500 patents in a partnership that also included Microsoft Office and Skype applications on Chinese smartphones and tablets.

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    Wow, Two Leaders to joins hands and work together…. Days to come Xiaomi will also collaborate with apple.

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