Xiaomi Not Obeying Indian Laws By Sending Data to Third Parties


Data  Breach or Infringement has now become a regular incident for tech companies. Almost every day the cases of data breaching are reported. The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi also called as MI has shared Indian User's Data to the third parties.

This is not being done secretly by Xiaomi, and the company is not obeying the Indian Laws. It is Reported that Xiaomi is sharing Users Data to other parties outside of India openly. The company has also said its rules and regulations that it can share users' data with Xiaomi subsidiaries and other parties.

This is what mention in Xiaomi's Privacy Policy, "You hereby consent that we may process and disclose personal information to our affiliated companies (which are in the communications, social media, technology and cloud businesses), Third Party Service Providers (defined below) for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy." This is only a part of the full privacy policy.

Although after sharing users' data and defying Indian Laws, Xiaomi withdraws itself from this by saying that the user's data are not being sold. A user named Robin Zaccheus complained by filling an RTI but the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology didn't take it seriously. In Response, the ministry replied that it was unaware of this data flow and the user's data which have been sent to the foreign countries is not a matter of concern.

In Indian, the Personal Data Protection 2018 act and the National eCommerce Policy are in force to protect Indian User's Data from being getting send to foreign countries and also informs to open local centres to maintain these data.

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This incident is a serious matter of concern and the Indian Government must take crucial steps against Xiaomi, So the next time other tech companies must think twice before doing this type of activity which leads to user's privacy at risk.

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