nuevo mouse huellas dactilares de xiaomi 2
nuevo mouse huellas dactilares de xiaomi 2

As more and more people begin to use both computers and the Internet on a daily basis to store important information, personal security and confidentiality must be increasingly present. Due to this, Xiaomi decided to launch a product that, although it is a bit basic, will be of great help: a mouse. Yes, some people will wonder what is special about this device, and the answer is very easy: a fingerprint scanner

In the past, we have seen some mouses leaving the Xiaomi offices, as well as the Xiaomi Wired Mouse. However, none of those features such an impressive feature, and that is precisely what makes this new product so special.

Some features of Xiaomi’s new product

The product number 155 launched by Xiaomi was manufactured by the Chinese company Ding Ding Innovation Technology Co., Ltd under the brand name Mijia, and fully complies with the strict Xiaomi quality standard. This new mouse will be available in three colors, these being whiteblack and silver.

The best thing about this product is its optical sensor, which has a high sensitivity of 1600 DPI (125 Hz), so it will be possible to use it on multiple surfaces, be it a glass or wood table or any type of fabric or leather because it reacts to the slightest movement.

At first glance, there are not many differences compared to the usual models, but to see it a little closer, we can see the fingerprint scanner provided by Xiaomi, being located near the trackball. This fingerprint sensor can be used to authenticate a user in an online bank, to access email, websites and other accounts, as well as to encrypt files. It is capable of supporting channels such as Internet Explorer, Edge, and Chrome, reaching up to 100 different types of sites.

Therefore, the new fingerprint scanner from Xiaomi not only protects the user’s data against any unauthorized access but also simplifies the work you have on the computer, eliminating the tedious procedure of entering a username and password. Also, and as a final note, has a Microsoft security certificate.

When will it be available?

As stated above, it will be released to the market in three different colors. Regarding its release date, it will be available to the public on the Xiaomi Youpin page for 199 yuan (about $ 31), and its deliveries will begin on April 15.

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