Xiaomi Hair Clipper
Xiaomi Hair Clipper

Today we wake up one more morning with new products in Youpin, the Xiaomi store. Today’s flagship product is a new hair clipper manufactured by the ENCHEN brand from the manufacturer Chongqing Yu Technology Development Co., Ltd.

This new hair clipper serves as much as to trim the hair on the head and beard. Its size is 164 mm long and 43 mm wide, the weight is 142 grams with 5W of power.


It is sold in black and white and both have a silver-colored central button. This button activates the machine and its motor that can cut hair from 7 mm to 21 mm in length. It has a Turbo mode that moves the blade at up to 5,800rpm. The sound emitted by this machine is 55 dB working in normal mode (4,500rpm) and 70 dB operating in turbo mode (5,800rpm).

The battery is recharged by USB Type C and it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. The price of this new machine is 49.9 yuan (€ 7 / $ 8). A really low price that will be higher when we see it in Chinese retailers from August 11 that is when the first units were sent.

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