Recall that a few days ago we talked about the likely launch of a new smartphone from the Redmi series, scheduled for November 30. And likewise, the image of what could be a new smartphone called Xiaomi R1 was leaked. This adopts a screen design with 18: 9 aspect ratio, very similar to that seen on the Samsung Galaxy S8. For the curious, said photograph was published in the Chinese portal MyDrivers.

What is detailed in the image about the Xiaomi R1?

Based on the filtered image, which we see very clearly that it is not official, we can appreciate that the new smartphone would not be really surprising. However, we can speculate that it will have a reduced thickness, which will increase the ergonomics and the tactile sensation of the device. It is suspected that this possible smartphone will carry the name of Xiaomi R1. And if all this turns out to be true, after the new Y series, the Chinese company will bring another line called R.

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From the image, it is possible to observe that the Xiaomi R1 may adopt a type C USB input at the bottom. As we mentioned at the beginning, what stands out most in the render of the smartphone is its screen that is almost without bevels with a proportion that we assume will be 18: 9. Similarly, it can be detailed that it would not have capacitive buttons, but would be incorporated in the lower part of the screen.

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What features are expected from the Xiaomi R1?

There are certain things that we can not determine and that we would like to incorporate into this possible new Xiaomi smartphone. First, there is no way to know if the 3.5 mm audio jack input will be present or not because in the lower area we do not detail anything similar. Another rumor about it is that it will be cheaper than the Redmi Note 5; there are those who point out that the price would be around 1499 yuan ($ 227), a figure definitely unusual for a device with 18: 9 screen. All these are simple references because there is no news or rumors of the specifications of the mobile, so we could not know if, in the end, the hardware would make the difference.

Many of the fans of Xiaomi will agree with us that, if this Xiaomi R1 exists, something ideal and indispensable would be that it is made of metal and that it has a fingerprint reader in the back. The most exciting thing is that, if the new Xiaomi R1 turns out to be a reality, it could compete with its main immediate rivals, such as OPPO and Vivo.


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